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About SEO Rank

A Short Story About Our Company

Search Engine Optimisation Specialists with a difference.....

We are not your typical bucket shop SEO company. To begin with, we are located in New Zealand, known for its peaceful lifestyle and innovation. We use out of the box thinking, white hat techniques and good old common sense to get results for your site. There are hundreds of factors that Google considers when ranking websites. It’s not just those factors that drive the clients to your conversion funnel and ultimately lead to sales, there are a host of elements on your site, on other sites and even in different backend and infrastructure that cause sites to climb or fall in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We have experts on our team that have been creating websites and driving traffic and conversions since 1994.

We live and breathe the Internet, and we strive to bring new clients to your site and lead them down a funnel that will lead to a conversion. We have solutions to all kinds of problems and ideas for a whole lot more. No longer can you put a website on the internet, add a few links and expect to have sales, those days were over ten years ago, and I don't think all business owners realise that. The world is a large place, and your website is available to the whole world, which is a significant opportunity, but at the same time, you are competing with every other business in your niche at the same time. Let us take your hand and lead you through this digital journey to make a success of your business.

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Our team.

Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker

Digital Marketing and SEO Expert

Brett Mallory
Brett Mallory

Internet Marketing and Design expert

Our Vision

We want your business to succeed and to provide you with a unique and compelling experience on your website for your customers. We will do that by getting you to rank for the ideal keywords for your business and ensuring that your site is tuned to perfection.

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